Decades of Experience and OEM Partner relationships at your fingertips.

XMS Solutions employs the most seasoned resources available in their respective fields of expertise.  We bring long-standing OEM partner relationships for fast access to OEM knowledge bases and support.



Experienced Perspective Reduces Project Risk.

We are not normal technologists. Our approach is built on complex project experience with the world’s biggest brands. We understand the dynamics between IT and the business that make technology transitions succeed or fail.

Diversity Across Industries
We are familiar with legal requirements and corporate priorities, allowing proactive recommendations for prioritization and scheduling that are industry appropriate.


Every Environment is Unique. 
Your environment is the result of years of corporate priorities and creative solutions.  We accommodate the particular needs of your organization.


Chances Are, We’ve Already Seen It.
Having worked in hundreds of different environments over the years, we have encountered and resolved a lot of problem symptoms.  This allows our experts to rapidly identify the source of issues and get them corrected as quickly as possible.

Driving Value Through OEM Partnerships.

Integrating complex systems has never been more important or more difficult.  XMS Solutions has been working closely with our OEM partners for years.  They know us, they know our level of expertise, and we are able to reach out to the right people within their organizations directly.
Being able to bypass the typical “tier one” screening/routing and get to the necessary OEM personnel allows XMS to resolve issues in a fraction of the time.

Longtime XMS OEM Partners include: